About Me

About Me

Hi. I thought I would give you some information about who I really am, when not being defined by illness. I’m a Registered Veterinary nurse as I’ve said before. I am now residing in the north west of England after a very long stint (about 9 years) of living in different cities in the south of England. I have two pugs, Maggie and my rescue Frankie. They are my entourage and are with me wherever I go!! Little puddins’!

I officially had to give up work as of 31st December 2015 after a block of 6 months off sick, which had also been preceded by a minimal ability to work anyway.


I’ve always been creative, or more precisely, full of ideas but without the time to follow through, until now. I suppose I’m choosing to look at my situation as a blessing in disguise. Now I can be free to explore all the things that have been whirling round my head for years.
I’m very much a thinker, an empath, although massively extroverted. I suppose that’s why locuming as a Veterinary Nurse suited me.


I absolutely love Eddie Izzard, so I apologise now for any poorly executed plagiarisms that are likely to sneak into my blog at any given moment. Cake or death. I sincerely apologise to any of you who are mystified right now. Happy to post YouTube links to make sense of any quotes on request!!


I love animals, always have. Grew up surrounded by all manner of things domesticated, although I’ve never been able to shake the envy of farm reared children!! This ultimately led me to my profession, although, leading up to it, I never would’ve guessed. It wasn’t planned, not by a long shot.


There’s a pattern to my life, a pattern of being backwards, unexpected and unplanned. That’s a pattern right? Is that true for everyone? I’m not sure. So many people seem to have vocations and life plans. My plan seems to have always been to NOT have a plan, madness really.


I have a huge family. My school days were filled with repetitive jokes on my behalf from the teaching staff. “Did your mum and dad not have a tele” et cetera, without malice may I add. We are a close knit, all living within a few miles of each other. I was the only one to venture out of the area for any real length of time, to my detriment it may seem. There is nothing that can replace the love and support of your nearest and dearest, that much I have learnt!


There’s crazy things you miss, that takes a few years to pin point. The extra bit of daylight in a summer evening; you wouldn’t think 300miles would make much difference to that but it does. The birds in the morning. There is nowhere I’ve lived in the south that I can remember the chorus of birds come morning light. Or even the owls at dusk, stopping me in my tracks, in awe. Its strange the things you start to notice; were they there before; were they everywhere I went? Honestly couldn’t tell you, but they’re here now and I love it!


Throughout my life, I’ve been waiting for the genuine feeling of being an adult to kick in. each birthday; “soon it will happen”. Thus far, I am an imposter; still feeling like that teenager trying to get into a club underage without being asked to produce ID I didn’t own. That’s my life. Acting an adult, feeling a child. I don’t think I am completely alone in this and I waiver from envy to sympathy for those who have achieved this elusive adulthood. I hope this truth doesn’t invoke a low opinion of me, not before you know me better that is, after that you’re free to choose this label!!


So anyway, I think that is a reasonable start to the “Story of me”; you will hopefully learn much more by following my blogs, here’s hoping!!


Thank you for reading, as always.


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