Feel it to Heal it!


Write about what you know…


You here that a lot, write about what you know, share your knowledge. I don’t claim to know a lot, because I don’t. I’m less about what I know and more about what I feel.


I feel there’s more to life than the restraints of our known human capabilities.


We cannot know everything. It’s impossible. But we can feel most things. Empathy comes from our intuitive understanding of how something we’ve never experienced might feel. Having an emotional response by experiencing an event within another persons’ frame of reference.  Having said that, I believe it crosses into all living beings, not just humans.  I know I’m not alone when I experience true grief at the sight of an animal suffering.


The more you feel the more you know.


How do you know someone loves you, you feel it. In what they do, how they act, their eyes. It’s not tangible. It’s not a fork. You know your holding a fork because our eyes perceive and our brains interpret the object as a learnt object, a fork. But what happens when the object cannot be held. We know that gravity exists. I’m no scientist but fundamentally, we feel it, we feel an anchor to the earth. We feel the weight of it, the security, the grounding force of it. But we cannot see it. But we know it’s there. Unless your phoebe Buffet.


Ok we can see the effects of its existence, but the ‘thing’ itself cannot be seen. The same is true of love, we see the effects of it, but love itself cannot be seen.


So how can I claim to know the things I feel? Well, it’s just me. Call it blind faith. So many have it. Despite my more polytheistic-coated agnostic beliefs, I do however have faith. Just in something different. I believe in so many things. I believe we’re not alone in this universe, knowing that I will never “know” this in my lifetime. I believe that there are forces at work in this universe that we simply cannot understand or begin to fathom. But, just like gravity, just because we can’t see it or touch it or use any of our sense of awareness to prove it, does that automatically disprove it??


I believe we are more than our mortal embodiment. I believe that mortality itself is an idea that’s been ingrained in centuries of teaching to bring an answer to an unanswerable question. I believe that there’s been souls walk this earth throughout our history that knew this. The minority. Those who were discredited by our growing patriarchal greedy society. I believe these forward thinkers encompass what humanity truly means. This has been lost in a sea of beings that covet an ideology of tangible knowledge. An existence of explanation. A name to everything. An all consuming knowing of what, where, how and importantly, why. But maybe that’s just it. Maybe we’re not supposed to know. Maybe that’s what makes us human. We’ve all seen the science fiction movies, where knowledge becomes downfall, for one reason or another. In so many genres, an increase in knowledge or intellect decreases our emotional capabilities. What makes us fundamentally human is this lack of knowing. But of feeling. Do we really want to sacrifice more of our emotional awareness for intellect? To lose more than we already have. Take dogs for example, they can smell cancers, smell a change in a persons pheromones to predict a seizure or hypoglycaemia; there must have been a time when we held similar abilities.


Our brains capacity is of continuous study, yet the question of consciousness remains a mystery. How do all these neurons and synapses result in consciousness? Questioning. Dreaming. Unpredictable emotions. Yes we can understand to a degree the casting in certain emotional events. As in, fight or flight, the role chemicals have in creating a sense of fear etc. but does this understanding equate to explaining our consciousness. No, I don’t believe it does.


We are always looking outwardly for something for fulfillment. Money, love, children, religion. To fill something inside us, to make us happy. It’s becoming mainstream now that the capability for happiness is within. Within us all. We just have to tap into it.


A failure in this answer driven existence is that it mutes our listening, our intuition, and our self-actualization. We don’t need that job, that perfect partner or 2.4 children to be happy. Neither is that lottery win or best selling book going to quench this thirst we are all born with.


We are sheep. We are queuing for the answers to questions we didn’t ask, but have been drilled into us almost purely by DNA. But which is reinforced from the moment we can begin to experience growth of consciousness.  This just leads to an overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction and the worst part is, we don’t even know why we are dissatisfied so we name it with “something” thats missing, a promotion, a car, a lover.  Life becoming a perpetual cycle of waiting to be happy once we have achieved the thing we’ve blamed for the emptiness.  Even now we are surprised to feel the disappointment when things just don’t live up to expectations when we “fill” that void, so we set more goals….it’s never ending!


I believe this fact-based society is our downfall, our Noah’s Ark. This may sound crazy but when you even briefly think about the consumer society in which we live, and continue to grow exponentially in, how can we continue like this? The advertising industry links back to what I was just saying about filling these voids, they want you to believe that consumerism will somehow help on this road to fulfilment!  How can our Mother Earth continue let alone thrive in this neglectful existence we are preaching? She can’t. Hence we can’t either. When did we lose our connection to our home, our planet?


Our evolution is her demise.


How can we know more, yet do less? How can we know how to care for her, allow her to thrive, how can we have this consciousness of right and wrong yet live in the wrong. All this looking for answers, for facts, for tangibility has left us disconnected from her truth. From our truth. From true humanity. How can we live in a world where so many suffer? Living in this answer-craving, consumer dominant world has only left me more bewildered. Questioning the humane in humanity. I am happy to live a life of not knowing, never having confirmation of these things I lay my faith in. What I can’t live with is the assault we perpetually target on our being. Earth is our being, our home. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her incredible ability to conjure the conditions for creation and for endurance. What the fuck are we doing; one question I wish I had the answer to.


The scariest thing is. It’s too late. The damage we’ve caused is irreparable. They say children are our future. This statement does not fill me with hope, just look at what we’ve taught them. Look at the tools of destruction we’ve passed onto them. Only for them to be left with the devastation. Without the tools we once had for a soulful existence. Faith. Trusting. Belief. We have given them the gift of hate, of destruction, of questions that need an answer, of holes that need filling, of materialistic existence. In my view, the snowball effect commenced centuries ago, the more of our intuitive selves we lost, the more momentum it gathered. With each passing generation, snowball speed increasing; we have inevitably lost sight of so much, losing so many intrinsically human attributes along the way.


It might very well seem like an unjustified ramble. You’re not entirely wrong. However, what I would like to say to conclude today’s jibba jabba is that; we need to trust ourselves, have faith in our hidden ability to live life intuitively. To strive for feeling more, believing that feeling will lead to knowing. Have faith. Give love to feel it.


I feel strongly that this is even more pertinent with chronic illness warriors. Whoever you are, whatever your battle, if you don’t already, find something to have faith in. Find something that lights you up, a reason to get out of bed. A purpose to guide you through the loss and fog. Anything that gives you a sense of living again. You can craft a new, brighter life than before, despite the struggles. There is always light in the darkness.  You are the author, the only limitation is your imagination.


With Chronic illnesses across the spectrum, we are told to learn to listen to our bodies, to rest when we need, get back to a more intuitive way of living.  This is from a medical profession which I’m thrilled is advertising the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.  Is the medical profession leading us back to our roots, to pick up the gifts we once had.  I can’t stress enough how much I believe in our ability to self heal.  I’m by no stretch of the imagination saying that a healthy diet and daily meditation will cure cancer, but what we need to focus on is quality of life.  Your definitely not doing anything wrong by living more intuitively, to support your body through any kind of ailment.  No doctor would consider a healthy plant driven diet, meditation or gentle exercise contraindicating to most issues.  At the end of the day, it’s complementary. The power of the mind and positive thinking is thankfully something we are running back to, you see it more and more these days.  For that, I’m thankful to be of this generation, to be a child of this era.  We can all be the change we want to see in ourselves and the world!! One day at a time, one foot in front of the other, spreading kindness.



Much Love,




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  1. Wow, this is profoundly philosophical! I personally find positive thinking hard and with a chronic condition, it’s even harder? But you touch on the issue of achieving goals, I agree this is a massive problem for most of us in society. Obsessed with goal achievement and nevermind the impact on our poor, ailing bodies. I have found the book ‘The Happiness Trap’ helpful with this, as it uses ACT, which utilises mindfulness in a more meaningful way, for me. But this approach, ACT, focuses you on your values and how you feel when living your life, actually living I mean – not existing! Thank you for the insight! 🙂

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