Fibromyalgia or Chronic Drunk?

Fibromyalgia or Chronic Drunk?


As I write this, I can barely see.  I’m crippled by this hideous headache which makes my worst hangover seem like the most romantic weekend getaway!!  My eyeballs ache and my brain literally feels like it’s shrivelling from dehydration.  With temples seemingly in a vice which radiates the pressure-ache down into my jaw and into my ears.  WOW this is awesome on every level, isn’t it??

Why is it that we can’t just have one symptom, chronic aches and pains they say.  Well it’s a lot more than that now isn’t it.  Between the headaches, digestive disruption, balance issues along with the expected muscular and neuropathic aches and pains; you’d be as well to assume that I’m an accident prone alcoholic!!  (Notice how I didn’t even touch on the fatigue side of things!!) A lot of similarities don’t you think?? If I was a chronic alcohol abuser, I would expect to have hideous hangovers as I woke up, before having my morning dose of Vodka.  I would also expect to find random bumps, bruises and scrapes telling the story of the night before!  See the similarities??  I know that this won’t just sound familiar to those suffering with Fibro, but for most people suffering with Chronic illness!


If the headache would only precede the intoxication, alcoholism would be a virtue.

Samuel Butler

In my opinion, this does not serve us well when we’re trying to forge a society of understanding and empathy, for everyone who suffers.  How does it look when I’m in a cafe and I’m stumbling about because my head can’t fathom where the ground is and I’m babbling nonsense because the fog just won’t allow any coherent sentences!!

This leads me to a suggestion I’ve wanted to make; I feel that we should refer to the aforementioned “Fog” as an actual entity.  (Stay with me…I’ll eventually make a point!)  It’s something I’ve sat back on forums and listened to people discuss, the difficulties that come with the Fog.  The things it may eventually take away from you, as it did me (partly), working in certain environments and losing your thought processes is NOT a marriage made in heaven!! So then, what if we refer to Mr Fog AS Mr Fog, we can then abuse him, directly.  Therapeutic; I think so!!! Just try it. Try having a go at Mr Fog like as is you’ve just witnessed him commit a hit and run, or he’s having an affair with your best friend.  Let loose on him, he deserves it!!

I’ve touched on this in previous Blog posts but, we spend so much time and energy on the “I’m fine” masks we wear; are we all aware of how much energy we must expend, with our limited and unpredictable “spoon” fund, on bottling in the anger (among other emotions).  The anger, frustration and irritation is in there, stored away to facilitate the “I’m fine” mask!  It’s not healthy.  Spending some alone time having a therapeutic and necessary, albeit mumbling expletives, rant at Mr Fog can only lighten the heavy load of our many daily burdens.  Surely?

Maybe I just have too vivid an imagination.  Maybe it’s just my coping mechanism, but feel free to give it a whirl.  Its freeing, like purposely getting yourself soaked to the bone, just stood in the rain, or screaming at the top of your lungs from a deserted hill-top!  Anything that helps right?!  Especially since we know there’s a link to our mental well-being and the prevalence of Fibromyalgia.  Take care of the mind as well as the body! 

Much Love




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