Giant Knitting


I can’t tell you how many wintery nights I’ve spent longingly looking at these plush giant knit blankets. I’d enviously scroll through, wishing I had one of my very own. Not only do I personally think they look FABULOUS (darling) but warm? Hell yeh they look comfy cosy, warm and toastie mmmhhmmm!!!


So, I can knit, not like a pattern designing pro, but I can knit ?? so why hadn’t I taken the plunge to make some yumminess of my own?? Time. Was always the excuse. But now, no excuse. Time I have; the know how I have; just need the materials and off we go!!


Now technically, I didn’t follow a pattern for this.  It’s shockingly difficult to find a pattern that doesn’t cost the earth, plus, I didn’t just want a simple stocking stitch blanket, which were the bulk of the designs I was seeing!  So, I just went to town with a simple cable knit pattern from my head.  Again, I must reiterate, I am not a pattern designer by any stretch of the imagination. This is just simple common or garden, any Tom Dick or Harry could do!







As all knitters know, any yarn that you use comes with instructions as to what needle size to use.  Using circular needles with something of this magnitude is absolutely essential.  Although your other option to save the pennies, would be to arm knit.  Now the only reason I didn’t use this technique, is because of my annoying Fibro arm pains.  I figured that once I was flying through, the blanket getting bigger and heavier, I would really struggle with the weight of it on my poor painful arms.  So I shelved this idea, opting for my mahoosive circular needles, giving me an easier option of putting it down when my Fibro acted up!!





I absolutely love this blanket and plan to have one in every room, on every chair and bed.  They’re just so warm and it’s such a nice touch to have hand-made knitted yumminess around your house.  It’s so fashionable again now which I LOVE!!  Gone are the days of real necessity of such talents, now it’s a pleasure, green and down right awesomeness.  All the cool kids are doing it HA! 


I will definitely be moving on to my next blanket as soon as possible, new colour, new pattern!! So watch out for that Blog post!!


Much Love





2 Comments on “Giant Knitting

  1. I love it ❤️❤️❤️. Last week I was havin a look on pintrest for some ideas. The super chunky wool though was mega expensive. Where did you get yours from?

    P.s please will you teach me??

    1. Awww Thanks Kathryn!! Ofcourse I’ll teach you! The wool isn’t cheap, but it all depends on what you go for! I can go through tips on making this more cost effective don’t you worry!! Can you knit or have you ever knitted before? It’s so easy working with super bulky yarn, the biggest issue is the weight!! It’s a good way to learn if you ask me, it’s so much easier to be able to decipher your mistakes and learn how to correct them. I found this the hardest thing when I first started knitting, because it’s so easy to get distracted and make a boo-boo!! But when you can see where you’ve made the mistake and then can back track to correct it, your away!! XOXOX

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