My reason for getting out of bed; Cuteness Overload!!

What’s Your reason??



So these are my little Dudes! Anytime I reference “dudes” in future, always remember, Puglets NOT People!! Specifically men. Don’t want people getting the wrong idea about me HA!!


In the situation we’re in, I think it’s particularly important for us to have a reason to get out of bed! Yes ok, there’s work, needing a wee, a shower, a brew, the dishes need washing or you’ve run out of clean pyjamas.  But at the end of the day, if it ain’t a loved one, be it kids, a partner or in my case, snoring fur children, there’s days when it ain’t happening!!


I appreciate that anyone reading this without a chronic illness of some description, may think, “WOW, lazy cow”!! But for those of us in the circle of trust, we know all too well that this IS NOT out of the realm of the reality in which we suffer. 


We may not go to work everyday, get dressed, leave the house, do anything of any substance or importance; judge us if you must.


Hang on, I’m sure I had a point,


oh yeh


But first, try to understand – Cheers!    


(Got there in the end-PHEW!)

I’ve digressed………..Oh yeh, the Dudes………..



These never-ending sleepy puglets are my reason!  My reason to get out of bed, to leave the house, to even step out of my comfort zone every once in a while.  And by comfort, I mean that literally, as in, out of my comfort zone and into the PAIN ZONE!! Here’s my most recent example:


Howl’oween with the Dudes!












“Frankie” Krueger and Maggie the Minion!


On the 30th October, my two puglets and I managed to partake in a charity fancy dress walk around Liverpool to raise money for a couple of dog charities!!


It was touch and go whether I would be able to take part, as even on the day my head was spinning and I didn’t know where the ground was, but, I was determined to do it as I’d been excited about it for a couple of months, plus it was a good excuse to a) dress up my pugs and b) mush other pugs all dressed up!! Brucey Bonus!




Much to my surprise, it wasn’t just participants of the walk which were obsessed! Passers by could not help themselves from stopping to pet and photograph my little dudes!!  It was a strange experience, pushing a disabled dog around Liverpool city centre and having crowds of people “awwwing’ and snapping photos of little “Frankie Krueger”?!?! I’m not sure whether it was the pram with it’s hand made disabled sign, the sad eyes and hidden neck under roles of extra skin, or the outfit itself, depicting my little fella as the man of nightmares? Difficult to say.  What isn’t difficult to say, is that I am so glad I forced myself out of the house, feeling worse for wears and subsequently, still in recovery!


This leads me back to my introduction, what is your reason for getting out of bed?  I know that I would’ve been all consumed by the pain, fatigue, frustration and lack of living by now if it wasn’t for the love, comfort and amusement that my dudes bring to my life.  Like Halloween, they give me a reason to go and experience a glimmer of normal life, even if it’s with gritted teeth through the pain.  They keep me company, warm and in moments, make me forget my stresses and frustrations.  The least I can do for them is to let them experience the world, meet new dogs, go on walks/waddles/runs and let them pause to sniff every blade of grass!! (and even on the odd occasion, allow them to drink Dog Beer!!)  That is how they get me out of bed.  I owe them.  

I’d love to hear your reason(s)………





I feel I need to add a little translation section to my blog for any readers who may not be northern, or even british.  I apologise for my random/butchering use of the English language.  I have a twang of “not the queens English” some may say!! 


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