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Just a little peak into some of the work that I do. There will be a lot more details of the journey of each piece, plus, all the different things I've got my teeth into, from knitting and sewing, textile printing, baking and so much more on my Creative Projects page!








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There is such a huge trend for any kind of up cycling these days, but anything chalk
paint is extremely popular.  It is commonly known as "Shabby Chic", but to me,
the whole point is to make each piece, "Shabby Unique". I hope you can see this through the work on here. I genuinely believe that anything can be a work of art, as always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which I have to accept with the path my work takes.  I can completely lose myself in every aspect of this, from inspiration and design, to execution, it really is a mindful

Every piece has it's own momentum. You can plan and put all sorts of inspiration and design ideas down on paper, but we all know, that once you start, it naturally takes it's own path! 

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