Positive Energy during Adversity!

Here’s a question; How much do we feel “positive Energy” has on our well being??

I seem to have found myself becoming excessively hippy, as the time with this illness progresses, has anyone else found the same?


I spend a lot of time reading, get inspired by a book, or paragraph even and try my hardest to integrate such teachings into my life. Buddhism being the latest trend of mine thanks to these books:






No spoilers please; I haven’t finished the second one!!


These were preceded by mindfulness, meditation, visualization, affirmations, yoga and the likes.







“Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler, better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now. Otherwise you’ll run out of time.”


I guess one good thing I can report from all of this life upheaval, is that my mind is open to new ideas and teachings. I never would’ve thought that the power of morning visualization (I still need the help of my vision board for this!) would set the tone for my mood on that day. It is true what I keep reading, that we can consciously create our emotions, guide ourselves into a better mind frame using all aforementioned techniques.
(If you’re maybe wondering where to start with this, I’ve found this journal a fantastic guidance tool):


Dailygreatness Journal: A Practical Guide For Consciously Creating Your Days


Can we, bearing this information in mind, reset our heads to reduce the pain? Although there never seems to be any reported, definitively known, physiology to what is happening in our bodies to enable fibromyalgia to take such a hold on us, as in, you hear rumblings about pain signals being misinterpreted, or have antagonistically rewired themselves to essentially “exaggerate” or “distort” the pain stimuli. However that might happen is beyond me. Even then, you read paper after paper entitled “Causes of Fibro” – there is no one size fits all, the same is said of treatment!! But could it be possible to reverse the pain interpretation confusion? Could positivity play a role in this?? Lets be honest, the most ray of sunshine people would find it exhausting being positive 24/7!!!



I can’t deny, when my mood is positive, I find it easier in a way to ignore and work through the pain and fatigue. I find myself more focused. Do we just need this positivity to guide us through the fog? Is it like handing us a torch? I don’t know. One of my main problems is I think too much. I’ve always been a thinker, which you may assume makes me introverted, but that’s the opposite in reality. Unfortunately, thinking back (haha thinking!!) to my manic working days, I didn’t have the same time to think but even then, I would drive myself insane (and into insomnia) with my overactive thinking. But now, WOW! I have all the time on my hands for my mind to free itself and torture me with constant over thinking of every possible eventuality. Is it possible for me to train myself to use this positively? Through visualization maybe. Stop the replay of conversations, the worry of every possible negative outcome with every little thing in my life, and turn it into a visualization tool to imagine my future. To focus on what my souls purpose is? By the way, I still have no clue what that is!! (Better be something fun and painless I’ll tell ya HA!!)
Not sure we ever truly do, but if we are lucky enough to find said calling, I would imagine it evolves as we mature and grow wiser. I would certainly hope as such!!


I recently discovered a blog in which I have read a couple of techniques to try and find my life purpose. Hhmm. As much as I am not adverse to such a thing, following the advice, which made total sense by the way, led to actually feeling more useless than I did before. The blog discusses reasons why we don’t come to conclusions, although nicely put, it is still a negative judgment. Now then, because I haven’t had the epiphany as promised, I’ve been put into the “nihilism” category. Don’t really agree with that. Now don’t get me wrong, I love this blog post and I would recommend it to everyone, because if nothing else, it does open your eyes and give you tools to work with to get to the finish line, but. This is a big but so it deserved a full stop. I don’t agree with the judgment if you can’t reach the goal. I know that my problem may be medications and fog which is either halting or slowing my progression to reach clarity (is clarity even possible in our situation?) I have tried, I will continue to try because I want to know the answer for me, and I want to reach clarity of my life purpose and enlightenment. I think having a known and being emotionally invested in a life goal is important, more so for us, we can easily lose our way. Not just with the fog and the illness itself, but the side effects of the illness, the contraindications with life itself. Maybe if we reach such peace, clarity and enlightenment, the positivity goal as discussed, might be that much easier to attain, at least more regularly and lasting, if not constant (which lets face it, is a mammoth task for anyone!)


I’d love to hear what you think, your experiences, your feelings and if you’ve found a sustainable road in which to travel with this brick filled back pack we call Fibro!




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  1. I loved this blog post! I can’t believe how similar our journeys are – I COMPLETELY relate the notion of feeling dissatisfied that our life’s ‘purpose’ is not clear. What IS the actual point?? I want a purpose, I want to be useful, but I struggle to see a path forward with regards to this.

    I think that by sharing your story you are absolutely bringing purpose and meaning to your life and the lives of all those who read your posts. And that seems like a pretty damn good ‘purpose’ to me!

    Everyone has their recommendations of books and literature and other resources I’m sure, but if you’re looking for a good and positive read on your life the universe and everything, I highly recommend ‘What’s in the Way is the Way’ by Mary O’Malley. Good stuff.

    Keep fighting the good fight my friend. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, doing what needs to be done.

    Big love xx

    1. Oh Maggie, what lovely things to say, thank you! And so far as book recommendations, I can’t get enough of them!! I will definitely check this title out! Journeys – it’s amazing how much you can connect and relate to so many people fighting the good fight. I love sharing ideas, beliefs and as you’ve done, recommendations of any kind, sort of makes me feel like at least through all this, I’m learning, growing as a person and expanding my mind and belief system in a sense! One thing that I’m consistent with these days is working towards forging something good out of all this. Such a shame I can’t do that in LaLaLand though hahahaha
      Keep on, keeping on my dear! Chase down that elusive ‘purpose’ and keep me in the loop de loop!! Much Love, A xoxox

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